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Dave Heniff, Bowyer
1508 Lucille Avenue
Twin Lakes, WI 53181

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Welcome to Hitman Custom Longbows

Hello and welcome to my website. I would like to take some time and introduce myself and my business to you.

My name is Dave Heniff. I am a bowyer and have been for the past 10 plus years. I started building bows looking for an added challenge and started building your typical Howard Hill style bows, but just couldn't shoot them consistently. I then was introduce to John Girardi of Old Mastercrafters, Inc. He had a bow design that I liked that had your typical R/D limbs with a slight "D" handle. I looked at that design and wanted a more foward handle with that limb design and hense the Pronghorn series was developed, which is the bow below here in the one and three piece. I was building the one piece for about 5 years and folks were wanting a 3 piece bow for ease of travel. I then went back to the drawing board with John and we developed the three piece bow. It did take a few designs in the handle but settled on the best performing handle. These bows carry no hand shock and really spit an arrow with authority. They hit hard and leave your mark! I stand behind my work and will try my hardest to help the client build the bow they want. I am willing to try just about anything once, as to make each and every client feel as though this bow was built for them specifically. I have redesigned handles to custom fit each client with measurements whether they come to my shop or from them.

As of now, I build two different limb designs in a one piece and three piece, the Pronghorn and Raghorn series.  I offer 14", 16" and 18" risers up to a 66" AMO bow.  My limb tips are awesome! They will match the handles whether a single or multiple color scheme.  I think the bow should have a consistent look throughout.

New to come for the 2012 year is a static recurve limb for the recurve shooters.  This is in the R&D state and almost completed.  So keep in touch to see the final product.  It shoots very well and has great speed.  This limb design will fit all my risers.  You will then have an option for static and longbow limbs.

I hope that everyone thoroughly enjoys each and every experience with myself and look forward to working with you.

Thanks and good shooting,
Dave Heniff
Bowyer, Owner